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We might be a good match if…

1. You want a highly experienced doula that can help guide you and your partner to an empowering birthing experience.
2. You are looking for guidance on how to take charge of your own birthing experience by learning your options, asking questions and taking actions to have a healthy and empowering birth.
3. You like to use holistic solutions first and western medicine when it is an evidence based solution.
4. You live in and plan to deliver in the South Bay. I will travel throughout the South Bay-  You live in Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga, Milipitas, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto (and sometimes further with traveling fee). You plan to deliver at the following Bay Area hospitals, birth center or at home- Kaisers (Santa Theresa/San Jose, Santa Clara, Redwood City), Good Samaritan, Valley Medical, O’Connor, El Camino Los Gatos, El Camino Mountain View, Stanford/LPCH, Sequioa, St Louise Hospital and Casa Natal Birth Center.
5. You do not use artificial air fresheners- ex. plug ins, sprays, heavily scented laundry detergent, etc. Due to an allergy to artificial fragrances, I can not work in a home that uses them. I am fine with pure essential oils and pets.

What is Included in Birth Doula Services?

One Free Interview During this free one hour interview we get to know each other. I will cover what my services include, ask questions, and answer questions.  Interviews are currently only Zoom or FaceTime.

On Call 24/7 I am on call for you for phone calls, texts and emails upon hire and up to two weeks postpartum. I am on call to attend your birth from 37-42 weeks of pregnancy.

2 Prenatal Classes  The first visit is typically between weeks 12-33 of pregnancy and is 2-3 hours long via Zoom. The second visit is typically between week 34-37 of pregnancy and is 3-4 hours long in your home. These visits include the following-

  • Healthy Pregnancy Class- Included in your first prenatal visit via Zoom. This class will cover how to have a happy healthy pregnancy, how to reduce your chances of common pregnancy/laboring issues, increase your odds of a faster less painful birth, and a quicker postpartum recovery. This class was created with experts in nutrition, prenatal exercise, and therapists.
  • Holistic Solutions to Pregnancy Discomforts or Challenges- Common issues I have helped with in the past include- heart burn, insomnia, leg cramps, high blood pressure, swelling, and anxiety.
  • Childbirth Preparation Class or Refresher- The first portion of this class will be through streaming videos in your home, handouts and activities. The second portion will happen with your second prenatal in your home, and I will teach you and your partner hands on coping techniques for labor and do a mock labor session. 
  • Preparing a Birth Preference List & Communication with Hospital Staff– You will get to know your options for your hospital birth and how to word your birth preference list to be the most effective. I will also provide you with possible questions to ask at your wellness checks, hospital tour and when interventions are being offered.
  • Preparing for a Birthing Center or Homebirth.
  • Preparing for Postpartum Recovery- I will cover the top steps you can do to have a speedy healthy recovery.
  • Baby Supplies & Room Set Up- I will provide you with a list of basic baby care supplies and if you wish I can advise on baby room set up and safety at a prenatal visit.
  • Breastfeeding Education- This class will be through videos and handouts.
  • Baby Care Education- Through self study with videos and handouts at home you learn about basic baby care, common characteristics of newborns appearance and behavior, common hospital newborn procedures and medications. If you would like to add on a hands on portion to learn in your home diapering, clothing, bathing, etc- just let me know.
  • Sibling Preparation- If applicable, I offer you suggestions for preparing your older child(ren) for the new baby.
  • Access to Informational Handouts, Websites and Resources. I have collected and created information over 16 years, so that it is easy for you to find the answers you need.

Labor, Birth and an Hour Immediate Postpartum.  I ask my clients to call me as soon as labor begins. I will answer questions and remind you of the tips we covered in our prenatal visits. We will keep in touch throughout your early labor. When you feel you could use my help, give me a call and the odds are I will be with you at your home within an hour. At some point we will decide to head to the hospital (or call the midwife for a homebirth), I will follow you in my own car. I will stay one hour after birth.

  • I remain with you throughout your labor; Supporting you Physically, Emotionally and with Information/Resources that are needed. I work as a team with your partner, we determine exactly what that means to you during prenatal visits.
  • Laboring Tools such as massage/ acupressure, birth ball, positioning, breathing, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, heat therapy, focal points, hydrotherapy, rebozo, visualization/meditation, TENs (I leave you with one at our last visit), Birthing Stool and whatever we discussed will work best for you in our prenatal visits.
  • Holistic Solutions- I can provide advice and suggestions for holistic solutions to common hospital interventions in non-emergency situations. For example- Natural methods for pain relief,  induction, augmentation and turning a posterior baby.
  • Photos- If desired I will take photos of your labor, birth and immediate postpartum using your own camera or phone. My first priority is supporting you while in labor, so the amount of photos varies.
  • Immediate Breastfeeding Assistance- In the first hour after birth, if desired, I can help you latch your baby onto the breast.

One Postpartum Visit  Your postpartum visit (up to two hours long) takes place in your home or via Zoom and is approximately a week postpartum.  This visit includes the following-

  • A Copy of Your Birth Notes & Reflection on Your Birthing Experience
  • Postpartum Recovery- I provide you information and assistance for emotional support, physical recovery, nutrition, and sleep.
  • Breastfeeding Assistance-  I offer breastfeeding assistance and troubleshooting.
  • Pumping and Bottle Feeding Assistance- If desired I can give you tips on pumping and teach you how to introduce the first bottle to baby.
  • Baby Care Tips- If desired I can teach you baby care skills- swaddling, calming baby, using baby carriers, helping learn a new sleep cycle, etc.
  • The Best Resources for Providers- If your needs fall outside my scope of practice, I can provide you with the best providers in the South Bay Area.

Investment- $2500   Cash, Check & PayPal/Credit via PayPal accepted (PayPal has additional transaction fee).

REPEAT CLIENTS– email/text/call for pricing.

What is Included in Postpartum Doula Services?

What is included-

One Free Interview- During this free one hour interview we get to know each other. I will cover what my services include, ask questions, and answer questions.  Currently providing interviews via Zoom or FaceTime.

One hour prenatal visit in your home– to discuss your projected needs.

As your Postpartum Doula I will-

  •  I will respect you, your family, your home and your gentle parenting styles.
  • Provide access to online Breastfeeding and Baby Care classes via videos and handouts. (Not including hands on portion-can be added on.)
  • Assist you with breastfeeding, pumping, alternative feeding methods and bottle feeding. If your needs are outside of my expertise, I can refer you to the best Lactation Consultants in the Bay Area.
  • Provide you information for normal newborn behavior, current child development, and provide you guidance on gentle parenting practices.
  • Provides guidance and help with newborn tasks such as diapering, bathing, cord care, dressing, feeding, burping, crying, sleeping, swaddling, baby wearing, car seat, home safety, etc.
  • Care for baby while you have a nap/rest, take a shower, or do whatever you want.
  • Prepares healthy meals in your kitchen and cleans up afterwards.
  • Runs light errands- such as nearby grocery shopping, Target, etc. You provide cash or gift card for the shopping, I will assure you get a receipt and your change.
  • Performs light housekeeping such as dishes, light kitchen cleaning, laundry, take out the trash/recycling, vacuuming, dusting, picking up after other children. (I do not do bathrooms, scrub floors, window cleaning, pick up pet waste or yard work).
  • Care and entertainment of siblings. Tips on sibling preparation and adjustment.
  • Helps you process birth experience if needed.
  • Guidance for baby blues and mild postpartum mood disorders.
  • Anytime email, text and phone support.
  • Provide you with resources outside of my expertise, ex. couple counseling, moderate to severe postpartum mood disorders.

Investment- $65 an hour for non birth doula clients, $55 an hour for clients who are also my birth doula clients. Payment for services due at contract signing for scheduled hours.

Hours- Minimum 3 hours/ Maximum 6 hours per visit. Email me to see current availability around your due date.

Hands On Baby Care Class Add On

What topics are covered?

This is just the hands on portion of baby care class that can be added onto the self study baby care topics that are already included in Birth Doula Service package.

  • Baby carriers- hands on practice with a doll
  • Bathing baby- soaps, lotions, equipment/supplies and how to demonstration with a doll.
  • Diapering baby- diapering options, wipe options, how to diaper baby, great tips, diaper rash prevention and healing. Practice diapering a doll.
  • Dressing baby- clothes tips, getting baby dressed and laundering tips. Practice dressing a doll.
  • Holding positions and passing safety. Practice holding and passing a doll.
  • Crying- common reasons for crying, techniques for reducing crying, and coping tips. Practice swaddling a doll.

$150 Check/PayPal/Credit via PayPal accepted. $50 off for cash payment.

Sibling Doula Add On

Do you have older children you would like to witness the birth of their brother or sister? Would you like them to have their own support person and entertainment while you are birthing? My daughter, Michelle born in 2003, is Safe Sitter Certified and CPR/FIrst Aide Certified, and experienced baby sitter who has witnessed birth and can be a calm guiding presence for your child(ren).

Her services include- Entertainment/ baby sitting at our second prenatal (4 hours long), being on call 24/7 for your birth, attendance to your birth (for the duration that I attend) entertaining your child(ren) in the waiting room or delivery room of the hospital OR in any room of your home for a homebirth.

Cash payment directly to Michelle- $500 (this cost will not be included in a BirthLore receipt, therefore can not be claimed for FSA or insurance reimbursement).

If you prefer to have a sibling doula that does not attend your birth, but baby sits your elder child(ren) in a different location, I can provide you a list of people who provide these services.

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