Consulting Services

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Consulting Services are for people who want to save time while finding information and resources when planning to get pregnant, during pregnancy and planning postpartum support, and baby care.

Here are the common topics covered-

Nutrition and exercise.
Increasing sleep and rest.
Reducing common issues in pregnancy/postpartum.
Finding your best birth location.
Building your birth team/ support.
Arranging for birth/baby/postpartum support.
Finding you best match for education- classes/books/websites/resources and groups.
Help choosing/finding baby equipment that fits your life style.
Tips for setting up home for baby.
Learning your own parenting philosophy.
Tips for sibling preparation.
Preparing for a successful VBAC.

Consulting Investment

Half hour phone call for initial intake to see what you need- free. Quote for needed services would follow initial intake. Average cost is $500, but may be less or more depending on the extent of what is needed.

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