What’s in the doula bag?

  • 4  booklets that includes tips for early labor, what to do if you water breaks, how to use the TENs machine, acupressure points for labor, positions and movements for first stage and second stage, how to use a birth ball & peanut ball, labor wrap comfort techniques, coping techniques, partner tips, tips for an epidural, tips if labor is stalled, tips for when interventions are being offered, information on all the interventions and medications that may be offered at a birth.
  • 1 TENs machine unit.
  • 1 Electric heating pad.
  • 1 Labor wrap.
  • 1 Battery operated fan.
  • 1 Massage tool.
  • 8 Battery operated candles.
  • 20 Laminated affirmation cards with tape.
  • 2 Vomit bags.
  • 1 Chux pad.
  • 2 Amnocators.
  • 1 Baggy full of energy boosters and nausea reducers.
  • 1 Stick of chapstick.
  • 1 Eye cover.
  • 2 Sets of ear plugs.

What is a TENs machine and what are the benefits of using it in labor?

Evidence Based Birth- What is the Evidence for TENs

What is Included?

1 Purple drawstring bag.
1 Elle TENs machine with neck cord attached.
2 Purple lead wires.
4 Lithium batteries.
4 Large electrodes.
1 Instruction booklet.