About Heather

I am passionate about helping expectant families have an empowering birthing and postpartum experience. I also love learning about health (mind, heart, body and spirit!) and spending time in nature. When I am not busy doula-ing/teaching, you can find me with my amazing family (which includes the coolest Labrador Retriever in the world!) hiking in the redwoods, at the beach, meditating or reading from my huge pile of books.


Experience- I have two children born in 2000 and 2003. My eldest identifies as non-binary and my second as my daughter. I breastfed them for a total of 23 months. My first child and I struggled with nursing, my second daughter and I were experts at breastfeeding.

When my second daughter was 15 months old I was diagnosed with a postpartum mood disorder- anxiety. It took me many years, with a lot of experimenting with techniques before I feel I became fully recovered. I use this experience and knowledge to prevent this disorder and to guide moms to health when it does happen. Being a mom is the ultimate experience!

I have worked with families and children since 1992 in various capacities. I started out as a preschool teacher, then a director of an after school program, and lastly a nanny.

After my first was born, I became curious and passionate about birth and began my training in the field. By the time my second daughter was born I had changed career directions and started teaching classes to expectant families in 2003.

Clients in my classes started asking me if I would come to their birth and help them out- obviously I started saying yes.  I have attended 400+ births as a birth doula in hospitals, birth centers and homebirths. I know the South Bay Area hospitals well, I incorporate this knowledge into my classes. I have worked with 40+ families as a postpartum doula.

Education and Training

Education, Workshops, Training
I hold an AA in Early Child Development.
I certified through ACBE as a Childbirth Educator in 2003.
I certified through DONA as a Birth Doula in 2004. My latest certification as a Labor Doula is with CAPPA in 2020.

I completed postpartum doula training through DONA in 2006.
I certified through Nursing Foundations as a Lactation Educator in 2006.
I continue my education through reading studies, books, and taking workshops.

Some of my favorite workshops taken-
Health and Nutrition (multiple)
Mindfulness Meditation
Postpartum Mood Disorders
Holistic Methods for Induction and Augmentation
Basic Massage and Acupressure for Birth
Female Pelvic Floor
Rebozo for Labor and Birth
Optimal Fetal Positioning
Low Milk Supply
Happiest Baby on The Block
Normal Newborn Behaviors
When Survivors Give Birth
Spinning Babies
Communication and Listening Skills for Health Providers
Respectful Confrontation for Doulas